Hello there, 

My name is Kristen, born and raised in Sunny California. Brought up by two of the best parents... just saying and an older brother that has become my best friend, teaching m the ways of nerdism. Growing up I can remember spending time with my family. Whether it was camping or just simply sitting around the tv watching a movie and snacking on some popcorn. My family, and the memories that we have made together will always be close to my heart. I have found that no matter were my life journey takes me, I can always turn to my family for support. And now that I am a College student, I am now taking the next step in my life's journey, majoring in Art (Photography). Some might think this is an impractical major, but as my mother has always taught me, "find something that makes you happy and do it." That is what photography is for me, it's my Happy. 

In this blog, you will find your self going through pictures of places that I have been to, people that I love, and food that has been worth getting its picture taken before getting devoured. You will also find other random bits of my life as that is pretty much what my life is, random. 

When taking pictures I use my Canon 20D. Every shot that I take, I take to capture the moment. A moment that has value and memories to me. Some might see it as a random picture but behind that picture you will find a story. And I hope one day my story can take me both near and far, but as of now it takes me were ever the current takes... which means how ever far my tank can take me and back. 

From here I will let you go, I hope all who find this blog can allow yourself to get lost, relax, and enjoy my memories. I can only hope that you will enjoy the little piece of happens that I get to share with you as much as I do. 

Please fill free to leave any comments and feedback, love to hear what y'all have to say. Thanks and ENJOY 


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Meet The One and Only ME :)

Living in a small town has taught me that the simplest things in life are the things that make the biggest impact. And as my life continues down a windy road of adventures and wondering, I find myself caught in the middle of beauty and simplicity. For me, I simple strive to find the best in everything and to capture them so it can be shared with everyone. So stay tuned because who knows what is going to happen next