Memory Lane

Throwing things back today to pre-Instagram when sharing your photos was you, your camera, and then Facebook. For starters this little trip is one that goes down in the books for many reasons. From the fog that was so thick it ate the carpet that we put outside, to the very traumatic realization of no cell phone services for some of us, all the way to the terror that arose from raccoons fighting out side your tent for bananas at midnight... and having to pee. People who go camping, always have a handful or so of camping trips that they will always remember, this was one to add to your bundle. I mean when ever we go camping, some how this trip to Fort Bragg always gets brought up, we haven't gone  back sense and maybe it is still to soon, but maybe one day we will set foot again in Fort Bragg. Below are some of my amateur shots, that were taken from that memorable trip. If you have any crazy camping trip stories, fill free to share. 


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