The are so many secrets in a garden and until you take the time to listen to them you will never know what is hidden. It is no mystery that there are many of us out there that crave nature; it is quite, peaceful and has a ability to be so simple yet at the same time ever so breath taking. You can look at the petals on a rose and see the beauty that came from a seed and then look at the Vally of Yosemite and be speechless from the work that went into form something so beautiful. In life, beauty truly come with age, it is a delicate proses that has to be gained and earned with each day. However, todays day and age we rush through the day unable to see the beauty that is right in front of us. So i urge you to take some time, go for a walk, or even get lost in your backyard and just enjoy the little things that surround you; looking at things in a new light can easily change the way you see things forever. 

Below are some pictures that I took from my garden at home and share some of your favorite place to get away to.
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Living in a small town has taught me that the simplest things in life are the things that make the biggest impact. And as my life continues down a windy road of adventures and wondering, I find myself caught in the middle of beauty and simplicity. For me, I simple strive to find the best in everything and to capture them so it can be shared with everyone. So stay tuned because who knows what is going to happen next