When it comes to adventure I will jump on that band wagon; lay back, probably even kick my feet up and just go along for the ride. Some of my best adventures have been the ones that are not planned, no doubt the ones planned are amazing, but the sense of unknown and just making decisions on the spot, is just so such more enjoyable then having everything planned out. Recently my best friend and I drove up to Yosemite to go hiking, we weren't sure what hike or what part of the park we would go to but we knew we could figure all that out when we got there. 

Through the beautiful countryside, we had finally reached our final destination. We pulled out our backpacks, put on our hiking shoes, licked our fingers and headed in the direction of the wind... naw, I am just kidding. We did grab all our junk out of the back of the car first though, but we parked, headed to the lodge to grab some food and then pulled out our map to plan our next move. 

We decided to go to Vernal Falls, which was on the top of Yosemite Valley. The day was a great day for a hike and the trail was busy and after a detour down to the river, we finally made it to the base of the falls. What an accomplishment! We stopped to bask in the beauty of what was right in front of us, when all of a sudden we heard a scream...we looked around and saw nothing but then looked down at the base of the falls. There was a group of people that were "cliff" jumping off the rocks into the water at the base of the falls. 

My friend and I both looked at each other and knew that not going to the top of the fall was A-OKAY.  So before we could even thing twice, we were both climbing down to the base of the falls to go jump off some rocks. 

The rock was crowded, the experience was exhilarating, and the water literally took my breath away. Even jumping a second time; the jump off the rock into the air has a feeling of terror but joy that overwhelms you. Jumping/swimming in the base of a waterfall has always been on my bucket list of things I will someday do and now I am happy to say that I can scratch another one off my list. But just cuz it is scratched off doesn't mean that spontaneous jumping into freezing cold waterfalls wont happen again.

Share some of the things you have on your Bucket List or some things you have done on your Bucket List.


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