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Lets be real here, I would consider myself an adult and I wont deny the fact that I love picking up a good book with pictures and getting lost in it for hours. I am not ashamed about this and I wont even consider it a secret because I am not afraid to share my joy with the world. I do love getting wrapped up into a novel with a great plot line just as much as the next person, but I can't help but dote over a book with stunning pictures. I mean whenever you go into a book store, what is the first thing that draws you to a book... the cover. The cover is the first thing you see and first impressions can be the make it or break it factor. -DO NOT apply this theory to humans- A good cover is what grabs you and make you pick up the book that you would have so easily walked by, it is that plain.
I don't care if this sounds weird or anything, but there have been a few occasions when a good friend of mine have wandered into a book store and have spent a good hour or two sitting on the floor with stacks of books on either side of us; she is lost reading about the next rising chief and his recipes and I am over stacking up books to rummage through to look at the tasteful pictures. For me, a good cook not only has to have recipes that sound amazing but their picture have to be equally if not more captivating; if the picture has me drawling or suddenly craving food even after I just ate, then it gets two thumbs up and a pat on the back.
Recently I have purchased a few picture books off amazon; not because they were going to be good reads... one doesn't even have words, but because I felt like the quality of the pictures were worth looking through and admiring. Now if you are not a wear of this already, I am a photographer at heart, so yea I got this books to admire but also for inspiration. Each book that was purchased I felt held some quality that I found to be intriguing, I wanted to study each one of these books to better my self in my field.
The books that I got include Kinfolk Table: Recipes for Small Gatherings, A Year of Morning, Style Diaries: World Fashion from Berlin to Tokyo, and The Selby is in Your Place. I love that each book hold something different, no two are the same and even after looking through each one multiple times, I am still learning and getting something new out of them each time. I know that these four books will be with me for a very long time and I am sure that they will continue to teach me new things and inspire me.

So if you have any good books that you like and enjoy, please share. They do not have to be just picture books, Share your favorite real books, I am always looking for the next good book to read. So please share and I hope you enjoy your next book.



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