Fall is Here

This is probably my favorite time of the year; the air is crisp, the leaves are changing, and all my flannel shirts emerge from my forgotten winter drawers. Not only is the weather changing outside but the inside of the house is getting a little makeover. The warm smell of vanilla and spicy pumpkin candles fill the air, the tables look like fall sneezed all over them with fall colors and the pumpkin minitures. I am not sure what it is about this time of the year but it sparks a fire in me. 

I feel like the only way I can adequately  explain my excitement toward Fall is by comparing it to Christmas morning when you were a kid. I can remember waking up, tip toeing past my brothers' bedroom, down the stairs in what some would call more or less a zombie like run. Of course I was the first one awake, but once I reached the ground floor, I booked it into the living room. And there, at the foot of the fire place was the stocking; they were stuffed like sausages and there was nothing more that I wanted at that very moment than to run over and just rip through the entire stocking, but I knew better then that. Patients, thats what this was all about. I had to wait, but not only did I have to wait, but I needed to wait patiently until the rest of my family awoke from their deep slumber. As child, this was just about the hardest thing to do - waiting - FOREVER -  but at the first sound of life that came from upstair, my heart would be racing again knowing that all my waiting had paid off. This was it, after that long, impatient wait, which was probably more like five minutes because let's be honest, I walked down those stairs like I was running with a heard of elephants. But non the less, the wait was over and it was present opening time! 

Yea...so, I think this is the only way I think I can adequately explain my feelings about Autumn, in a nut shell.
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