Carry on Traditions

My mom's side of the family, from what I know of, has always quilted and until recently it ended with my mother. In the past I had dabbled in the craft but with no true success or interest in it. However, something changed because in this past year I have fallin in love with the craft. 

One day I decided to accompany my Mom and my Grandma to their quilting class that they go to once a month. It started out as just a good way to catch up with my Grandma over lunch; I do not see her very often so it was a perfect way to catch up. But one day I thought it would be fun if I just took some of the old fabric that I had stored in the craft room and create the same blocks that they were making. The idea seemed simple enough. 

 I picked up the skill  quickly and now I am hooked. I should have known, it was sort of inevitable seeing how my mom sews and my grandma sews, it's practically imbedded in my genes. I have already finished one quilt, which has been given to my best friend. I have started another quilt and the blocks for this years quilt blocks. For me, this is just a new kind of expression of art and creativity, not only is it a great hands on craft but it allows me to think outside the box and challenges me in a new way. This is a tradition that I hope to not only carry on but also charish for a long time. 


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