This semester I finally got into my first photography class and it is film photography. Something I have always wanted to try but was mostly to intimidated by the mechanics of it all. So when I was able to fit in a photography class into my schedule this semester, I was very excited to finally concur my fear and intimidations of film photography. Funny thing is, film photography is actually a lot easier then I made it out to be. I do not mean it is not difficult to master, because it is, but it is an art that has opened a whole new world for me and it continues to challenge me in new ways. I may still be very new to the medium, but using a film camera, which I thought was going to be the hardest part, has proven to be fairly simple and very enlightening. 

In fact, developing and printing the prints has been probably the most complicated part out of everything, rather then understanding the camera itself. When it comes to making prints, it is all about trial and error... and then more trail and a little extra error... before you reach the potential of that almost perfect print. the process itself is time consuming but in the end it is all worth it because you are able to manipulate and create a image that no one else could have. Below are a few of my prints that I have printed so far in the semester. Fill Free to check out my Instagram and leave comments or even share some of your favorite tricks when using film. 


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