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As I sit hear in front of a window, with a beautiful view of a parking lot..sarcasm. I pop in my ear-buds and listen to the soothing music that comes from my John Mayer Pandora station, I can't help but get lost in the lyrics and day dreaming is a weakness of mine. And this time my mind has lead me to the beginning of summer and days at the beach, finding a spot on a ledge and just watching the surfers catch some waves. The life of complete freedom in the summer is some what breath taking, but with the slightest glimpse of fall from the cool, crisp mornings; I can't help but smile at the excitement that comes in the season to come. 

Over summer I was given a disposable
camera, and yes I mean the kind that takes film - and yes they still do exists if that's what you were wondering. Until my friend gave me mine, I had completely forgot about disposable cameras, I mean the last time I think I ever used one was at Science Camp a million years ago. Although the excitement that came from getting that disposable camera was like having Christmas in July. Memories overwhelmed me and I was exited to go out and test out this bad boy. 

I challenged my self that summer to take my disposable camera wherever I went and to take at least one picture to capture that moment. I was a little skeptical on how the pictures where going to turn out since my last attempt in 6th grade was such a success. But good news! This past weekend I went to Costco to get my cameras film developed and I was was blown away at how well the pictures came out. I mean not all of them were perfect but the ones that were were better then I even imagined! And like a junkie, I am hooked.

 I am now not only challenging myself but I also want to challenge you to step out side your box and try something new. It may not be going out and running around taking pictures with a disposable camera, but I do have to admit, it is a great excuse for an adventure. But it doesn't have to end there, doesn't even really have to start here, just try something new. Go back to your childhood memories and maybe pick up something that you gave up on or started and never had the time to finish. Well why not start now, now seems like a better time then yesterday or even tomorrow. Who knows you might be surprised with the outcome, I know I was. Good luck and have fun with it! 


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