Little Treasures

With a some what busy schedule and a wandering mind that is constantly two steps ahead of my self, and really I should just let my self catch up to my mad rat race, but I know that day is never going to come. So in my many attempts to take care of a plant... it never really last, I guess we are just not very good at the whole long term relationship thing. Which is cool, I mean I have found that its better not to force the idea of you being good at something into your mind, if your not good at it... its okay, your not alone.
 However, that doesn't mean that I didn't give up; I did my research and I found a plant relationship that I could actually see lasting. This was the beginning of a new and blossoming relationship, looks like there was hope for me and my struggle with plants.
So it all began with a simple succulent that I found at your local hardware store. I found a cute yellow pot that would be this little treasures home on my windowsill. 
My little guy loved his new home and I was happy because I loved having him in my room, alive and well.  
 However, my little guy wasn't so little anymore. In fact he was started to grow out of his yellow pot, I was a little perplexed on how I was going to solve this new dilemma. Then the light bulb came on, just trim and make new homes! A simple solution to my dilemma.
To start off I found some left over jars that were chilling in our cupboards-any jar will work, it just depends on what you are looking for, you can also use a pot...possibilities are endless. But yea, I used two small jam jars that we had. I went to my back yard and shoveled some dirt into the jars. Then I placed the trimmed pieces from the original succulent and placed them into the dirt. I made sure they were securely in there and then add some extra dirt to the jar so they were not flopping round.  
 Back in my room, I placed my new little treasures on my windowsill, right next to my first treasure. I added a little water and turned them toward the sun, this is their new home for a long time I hope so I want to make sure they get the best view possible.
So my advice is, if you first do not succeed, don't just try again but find away that works for you and then own it!


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