Lace up your Flannel

When it comes to fall, I have a weak spot for flannel. Flannel is one of my basic essentials when it comes to layering and still looking good during the chillier fall nights. One of my favorite things about flannel is that you don't have to go to a big department store to find a good flannel shirt; most of the time you can hit up your local thrift store. You can usually find what you are looking for in the men's section of the store; guys always have the best flannel shirts, they are the perfect length and which is perfect when it comes to layering

As much as I love flannel, I equally love lace and two together they are the perfect soul mates. I had found this Flannel shirt at one of our local thrift stores last week and I have had this lace from an old shirt for some time now. I have placed it on multiple shirts hoping that it would go together, but it just never was quite the perfect fit. However, when I found this flannel shirt at the thrift store, I knew right away what would go perfectly to make this one of my favorite flannel shirts.
This is really simple if you ever want to do this your self, simply find a flannel shirt that you wish to add lace to, then if you do not have lace, go to your local craft store to get some. I would suggest getting doilies, they will work better then just lace because they will form a better looking patter then just strips of lace. After you have you lace, place it on the back of the flannel shirt in the formation you wish to have it. I would suggest pinning your lace down, it will help keep your piece or pieces from going all over the place. Next it is time to sew the pieces or piece to the flannel. I personally hand sowed my lace on, but if you choose, you are more then welcome to use a machine-do what ever you feel more comfortable with. now this may take some time if you are doing it by hand, but trust me the end product is well worth all the work.
When complete, try it on; look in the mirror and see what a little hard word can get you. It is a simple project that adds a nice feminine touch to a sometimes masculine shirt and with fall around the corner, you now have a great piece that will take you all the way through winter.


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