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I think music is a lot of the time under appreciated these days, when in reality it should be acknowledged for all that it has done and all it has to offer. This does not mean that all music that is out there is amazing and praise worthy; because that is not true. Music in so many ways has made some huge strides, but has also had its many downfalls. Nonetheless, I feel music is the best form of therapy for your soul; also the cheapest therapy for anyone, which if you ask me is a double whammy.
As for me, I did not fully understand the power of music until I got into high school. I was the girl that listened to whatever came on the radio. For awhile I was okay with that, everyone else was so it felt good to be able to fit in, life seemed good…or so I thought. However, there just seemed to be something missing; sure I was singing along with the songs on the radio but I didn’t really feel any connection. Deep down I had a hunger for more than boots with fur and apple bottom jeans, something was missing and I wanted to find it. I had no idea what I wanted, nor did I really know what I was going to find; but I wanted to find something that was different, something that narrated everything that I was going through and feeling in the inside.
So the journey began on the hunt to find something deeper, I wanted to find a true connection to music. For starters, this was before the conveniences of Spotify, and sure there was Pandora, but at this point it was not really helpful. So it was just me and the endless library of iTunes, which felt like at times a helpless pursuit for a needle in a haystack. Everywhere I went it was just the same stuff that was on the radio; I knew there was more out there, I knew there was music out there that I had never been heard of. And now, more than ever, it was my mission to find it. With a few hundred clicks later it finally felt like the floodgates had opened; I am not sure how I got there but once one door opened it felt like three more fallowed. My excitement had overwhelmed me because I had finally found what I had been longing for and so much more.
I was only in high school at the time and for a period in your life when everything seems to be against you, I found that  music was the only thing for me. I fell in love with music that my friends had never heard of; they thought I was a little strange but I enjoyed the possibility of being different and for once, not being like everyone else felt normal. My iPod began to fill up with artist like Cage the Elephant, Yellowcard, Beastie Boys, Rise Against, Breaking Benjamin, Asher Roth, Shwayze, and B.O.B.. Looking back know I am glad that I had this itch to change and go against the norm because it has forever changed my life and opened up a whole new world for me. Since high school I have found friends along with other resources that have assisted me in my enlighten to new music. Everyday it is exciting to know that I get the opportunity to discover something new and I love that my journey to find music continues to grow and go deeper everyday. There is so much that music has to offer and being able to listen and appreciate it is something I take pride in.
So when it comes down to it, music is more than just some words and a beat thrown together. Music is a way of expression, it carries this power to move us, to communicate with others; and to express emotions that we can not explain. When I do not quite know how to express myself, I have always turned to music.  Music seems understand me better than anyone else somethings and as it slowly unfolds every layer of emotion that gets built up; from pure bliss, annoyance, or distressed, music breaks through all of that. If you ask me, i would call that magic; because after a long, hard day I know I can always turn to music to melt everything away and that for me is pure bliss.
Please fill free to share some of the music that has impacted you or share your all time favorite mix tape you have made; I love finding new music and I am not picky - if it sounds good, I will listen!


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