Why I Eat Clean

Why I Eat Clean

Three years ago I found myself in the middle of an eating disorder, with out seeing the effects of strictly watched what I ate and how much I ate; eating "healthy" quickly turned into something that was harmful to the way I was living. For starters,I was never overweight to begin with but after a health class and a breakup, I slowly fell into the idea that if I only was a little skinnier, than I'd be happy. Unfortunately my so called “healthier eating” spiraled out of control and in just a few months I had gone from 135lbs to a terrifying 100lbs of skin and bones. I had restricted myself from eating and enjoying a real meal, and at the end of the day I was only taking in 500 calories when a normal calorie in take is 1500. This period in my life was one of my scariest. At this weight I was very weak and tired; and when a double zero was baggy on me a sense of fear hit me hard. This was not at all what I wanted but know I didn't know how to go back. I am so blessed to have the friends and the family that I do because I was able to slowly gain back the strength and weight that had lost with their help and concerns. I hope that if there is any girl or women out there that reads this and feels like -if she was just a size zero- she would be happier; let me tell you that a size zero won't make you happy. We are women who are made perfectly, no mistakes were made, and whether that is a size 4 or 14, then that is perfect and you should own it because YOU are beautiful.

Unfortunately some of the side effects from my episode are more long term than others. After recovering from anorexia you, yourself have to build back your self esteem, allowing yourself to see that just because you eat a scoop of ice cream does not mean you will gain 5 pounds. This task is a much easier said than done. One of the things with eating disorders is that there is always the potential for relapse, and for me I still have that voice in the back of my head but these days I kinda like to ignore it. Other obstacles that I had to go through was the loss of my beautiful,long locks. See when you deprive your body of the basic nutrition it needs to survive for a long period of time, it begins to take that nutrients from other sources from your body. So during my episode, along with a serious loss of muscle, my hair became very frail. My hair which was once curly and full of life turned into this frail, lifeless disaster. So when I was finally getting the nutrients that I needed, the hair that was growing back was curly but the old stuff was still very much dead and lifeless. After much tossing and turning I knew what I had to do, I had to chop off the dead stuff so the new hair that was growing in would be healthy. That's just what I did, from hair that originally ended at the middle of my back, I then had hair that hardly touched my neck. This was the shortest - and will always be - my hair had ever been, although looking back I am glad I did it because now my hair is the healthiest its ever been.

A more long lasting outcome from my episode has been in the way my body process food. After my episode, my body will not digesting food like it use to and after many test it is still unclear exactly why or what is going on, but I saw this as a great opportunity to try something new. This began the adventure of eating clean and seeing how I already had limited eating greasy food, extremely spicy food and carbonated drinks from my diet I figured trying to eat clean didn't really seem to difficult. Even before my episode I had already pretty much cut out fast food and soda for quite sometime, but after my episode it was clear that my stomach was now even more sensitive to foods. Even today my stomach likes to through me curve balls, eating food turned into a game of Russian Roulette, no two days are ever the same but I have accepted this challenge - not like I really have a choice - but I have actually enjoyed this healthy alternative to eating, even though some people think I am missing out on the greater parts of life.

What is eating Clean?

It a lifestyle, its a personal choice where only good outcomes come from living in a state of eating clean. Choosing to eat clean you eat foods that are in their most natural state, while removing foods that are processed and packaged. You might think…well what food does that leave you with to eat? I would say that you have clearly missed the produce section of the grocery store. Just because you eliminate processed foods, along with fast foods and sugary drinks doesn't mean you are left with nothing to eat. While eating clean, the possibilities are endless if you know what to look for. We have become so accustomed  to going for the easy way out when it comes to food preparation that we are missing out on so many great opportunities to try new things that ultimately benefit our overall health.

The Benefits

You receive essential nutrients for your body
Helps to maintain or lose excess body weight
Fuels your body, giving you more energy throughout the day
Promotes long-term health benefits (lowers cardiovascular risk)
Prevents cancer growth
Supports mental health

Foods to Ditch

Processed Food: foods that are processed or canned a lot of the times have lots of added sugars, high amounts of sodium and unnecessary fats and in general if you are reading the ingredients list and there are more words on their that you have never heard of, its best to put that package back where you found it.

Saturated Fat: I am not saying you need to cut out all fat because not all fat is bad, but swapping out bad fats like Saturated Fats that are found in butter, cheeses, and meats for more healthy fats like olive oil, nuts, and fish, you will see benefits immediately.

Reduce Alcohol Intake: A glass a day won’t harm you but just remember that moderation is key, and remember to stay away from the sugary drinks. The fact that they come in neon colors should be a good sign that there is nothing natural about those.

Added Sugars: This means sodas, candy, canned fruits, and baked goods. You're already sweet, you don’t need any extra.

Lower Salt Intake: Lowering your salt intake will help lower high blood pressure if that is a problem for you, it is recommended that on average we only need 2300 mg of Sodium a day. By cutting out processed food, you will help lower your intake of unnecessary sodium and while cooking try to use less salt and more herbs and spices to add flavor to your dishes.

Refined and Enriched Grains: Replace that Wonder bread with real bread, look for breads/grains that are labeled as “whole grain,” whole grain products will have more nutritional value than enriched or refined grains. And studies have shown that people that eat more whole grains (in proportion) have a lower BMI - less belly fat!

Meat: This does not mean going vegetarian, no. What I mean is that try to pick out meats that are low in fat. Look for leaner meat options like skinless chicken, turkey, and lean ground beef, even try tofu if you are daring enough. Lots of red meats are high in Saturated fats, so by replacing high fatty meats with leaner meats you will help cut out unnecessary fat.


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