Let Freedom Ring

Freedom: something that in many ways is celebrated each and every day just with our simple existence of living in America; is given the 4th of July. As Americans this is a time not only to celebrate our freedom and independence, but also a day to gather around with our friends, family and loved ones doin’ the All American thing - starting up the BBQ, eating Apple Pie, and watching Fireworks go off. For me this holiday also includes a birthday, my grandmother’s, she just so happened to be born on the 4th of July, so to top things off I we also get to celebrate a birthday. 

For many years our family would get together at our house and have a BBQ and catch on on the local times, then head over to the local library where there was a large lawn area to set up blankets and watch the firework shoot off from the High school downtown. I do not remember all too well, but my grandma always reminds me that every year when the fireworks would go off i would look over at here and tell her, “make a wish, these are your birthday candles.” I have to say, for birthday candles, those are by far the coolest birthday candles anyone will ever have. Although as time goes on, family moves and it has gotten harder to do our gatherings anymore but we have picked up a new one, a Birthday Breakfast. two years running and going strong, we have been able to all meet up in the morning and enjoy a good family breakfast; there are no “birthday candles,” but it is the company that really counts. 

After breakfast we all said our goodbyes and Happy 4th’s and continued on with our days that laid ahead of us. Parents were having a BBQ, cousin was going to a baseball game, and uncle and his girlfriend along with my grandparents were doing there own thing. As for me, I also had my own agenda. I was driving out to the Bay Area to see a friend and spend 4th of July with her and her family. I had no idea what to expect seeing how I have never really spent time with her family, but her family is so kind they practically treated me as part of their own family. 

Ashlyn and I spent the earlier part of the day shopping with her mom and then enjoying lunch before heading over to her grandparents house. Once we arrived we scoped out the orange tree that was in the back corner on the backyard and decide to take up the opportunity to make some fresh squeezed Oj and man was that stuff delishish. We then spent the evening BBQing, which was a first for both of us but everything came out edible so I would say we did pretty good for manning the BBQ for the first time. Then after dinner it was time for the fireworks, there was no show or anything extravagant, just Ashlyn and I - and the crazy next door neighbors - lighting off our own personal fireworks. The night was still young and we had gone through all of our fireworks so we decided to bundle up and walk down to the school to see what other families were setting off. And even though there was no really elaborate firework show, everyone around us was setting off enough that you ended up getting one and you could look in any direction and it was guaranteed that you would see at least a dozen going off.   

Overall it was a day well spent with amazing people that were kind enough to open their home to a complete stranger. We shared some good laughs, some five star food… and each others company. Just how a holiday should be spent.


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