A summer adventure is always a must and when you have a friend that has never been to Yosemite, when they have lived in California for six years, then you can practically hear Yosemite calling your name. I have been a few times, my mom and I usually try to make a trip up there at least once a year. This time with my good friend, we just cruised the valley floor so she could get the feel of Yosemite. One of my favorite spots, also our last spot before heading back home was Lower Falls. Now I have been there many times before but I have never climbed up the rocks to the actual foot of the falls.
We both looked at each other and said "Why not?" so up we went and oh man was it worth it! I wish I could just show you all in person because even the pictures don't really capture the true beauty that was seen, but here is just a taste of what we got to enjoy.



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