This week I was going through all my pictures on my computer, sort of sorting through everything that I have taken and unfortunately I can get pretty lazy and put my pictures on my computer and then never look at them again…which is how I ran across these. I was going through some random picture of a day trip that my mom and I took last fall up to Sebastopol, CA and as I was scrolling through them I found some pretty decent pictures that I could definitely work with.

We drove up there and on our way to a few local farmers markets, we ran across a art gallery. We pulled over and walked through; now this wasnt your traditional art gallery that you would think of, no. From the outside there was out scrap metal pieces welded together to make art and what some would call “junk” in other parts of the yard to create a very eclectic atmosphere. I loved and thought is was pretty neat! When you walk inside the door, you entered into a single room that displayed artist(s) art.. and then there was PIE! Seriously the first and best art gallery I have ever been to, just because they offered homemade pie, so they get an extra brownie point for that. But as you walked to the back door you walked out on to the wooded patio area which had more art work displayed in the walls surrounding the patio area. 

My mom and I were just passing through, so I took a slice of pie - as we were told that “we weren’t going to leave unless we took some,” and then headed back to the car to continue on with our trip to find some local produce and possibly some other interesting finds along the way. 
Here are a few pictures that I got from the art gallery that day: 


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