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 Summer is in full swing and farmers markets are no secret when looking for something fresh local around here. With so many choices, it's a health food freaks safe haven! Our small towns local farmers market is held on Thursday nights, but on the weekends we like to venture out to our neighboring town and hit up their local farmers market downtown on Saturday mornings. And when the weather calls for 102 out side, a morning at the farmers market might just be the only productive thing you do all day. 

Down at the farmers market the city block is lined up with venders from all over. Stating at one end you'll find your typical kettle corn and bakery and by the time you find your self at the end you a standing in line to get the best pita and hummus around from the Pita Guys. Sandwiched between all that is the local fruits and vegetables piled high in baskets and stretch across tables. Trying to pick the best of the best is probably one of the hardest things to do since everything at each stand looks amazing; luckily there are free samples which helps with the process of limitations. 

At the end of our run through the farmers market, we managed to load up our bags with lots of goodies. We found ourselves with a bags full of apples, strawberries, honey, eggs, brousle sprouts, zuccinie, and of course pita bread and hummus from the Pita Guys. It's gar entered that we will always find great food at the farmers market and this week didn't disappoint us in the slightest. 


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