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For those who enjoy getting away from the Valley heat, it is not secret that driving to beach is more than likely on the top of your list of places to go. Unfortunately you and everyone else in the surrounding communities also had this brilliant idea and know you are stuck in a hot car for four hours, butt to butt with everyone else on the road and then when you finally find a parking spot half a mile from the beach you realize that your getaway has turned into a sense from Mean Girls when you find a semi-decent spot with the perfect view of the couple making out.

             Now I know this was not what you and your buddies pictured as you all stuffed yourselves into the back of your two doors, less than functioning car. You were looking for a getaway, not beach filled with beanie poppers and the senior citizens that just got off the bus from the casino. So it is time to find an alternative, a different kind of escape that doesn’t require disappointment but still gets you away from the heat on those blistering days.

Here are just a few places to consider when hitting the road when the days are just too hot to enjoy the beauty of the day. 


1.      Berkeley, CA

This place has always been a liking for my mom and I when we just need to get away, whether it is just too miserable in the Valley or if we just need a little get away without actually going all the way into the City. There is a lot that Berkeley has to offer, depending on your interest, I do believe everyone can find something here that will make them want to come back

            For my Mom and I, we always find our way to 4th Street. We enjoy walking through the little shops that line the street and listening to the band that plays on the corner of Pete’s Coffee; the experience in its self is quite delightful. Then just past Pete’s Coffee who will find possibly the main reason why my mom and I keep coming back to Berkeley… Tacubaya. We ate here the first time we came to Berkeley and it didn’t take long for them to win us over as regulars. With ever dish just as amazing as the last you have to remind yourself to save room for dessert because they make the best homemade churros that you will ever have. Trust me; Costco’s got nothing on these bad boys!

          This is just one of the stops for my Mom and I, but Berkeley has so much more, just have to put on your exploring pants and see what treasures you can find… and don’t worry it won’t take you very long to find whatever it is you are looking for. Here are some links to other options:



2.      Kennedy Meadows, CA

Here is another favorite place probably not just for me but for my Dad, I am pretty sure after his first fishing trip up to Kennedy he fell in love all over again. This little hidden gem is perfect for those days you are feeling like really getting away from it all. The drive might seem a little long but man it is so worth it. P.S if you get car sick…prepare yourself, roads are windy.

Kennedy is truly a perfect getaway of you love the great outdoors. There is no cell phone reception, so you are cut off from everything and you know, sometimes that is just what you need. And why would you want technology when you get up there; your surrounding are so awe-inspiring that you are taken back and are raptured into this state of peace. For the outdoors people there are many trails that you can venture out on, there is a steam that cuts through the floor that is perfect for some good fishing and if you are just looking for a spot to plop down a chair and read a good book, yea there are plenty of good spots for that to.

 Even if you don’t want to go all the way up to Kennedy, there are a lot of other spots along the way that you could stop at and find equal amounts of enjoyment when you just want to get away. You have Pinecrest – which does get over crowded in the summer - Sugar Pine, and Herring Creek Reservoir and these are just away options you can choose from. I would advise packing a on this trip, especially going up to Kennedy because even though you can stop at the Lodge and eat it is kinda nice to kick it out school. 

3.      Wine Country

I know when you see this you instantly probably think “Napa Valley,” well your wrong I am not talking about Napa Valley…sorry if you are disappointed. No I am talking about Petaluma, Healdsburg, and Sonoma. Having family in this area, along with having my parents growing up in this area has definitely come with its advantages.

Each one of these small town cities has its own little treasure, and for a relaxing day you will be sure to fall in love with all three of these places. In the historic town of Petaluma, you will find cute stores to stroll through and killer places to eat! One of my family’s favorite places, which has been around forever, is Chicago’s Pizza. It is just this little hole in the wall restaurant on the second floor of one of the historical buildings in Down Town Petaluma and if you are luck and get there early you might just get a good seat that looks out over the city lights. A go to favorite here is the Deep Dish Pizza, which Chicago is famous for and they will not let you down if you ever get the chance to visit.

In Healdsburg and Sonoma there are many other cute stores that are wonderful to wonder through and make sure you come with an empty stomach because your nose is going to have a hard time deciding what place to eat. The streets are lined with amazing restaurants and cute shops that are perfect for just cruising through on hot summer days. And I think that best part of these three places is that they are all very close to each other, so if you really wanted to, the possibility of hitting up all three are very likely. And if you are a cup cake fan, don’t forget to stop in Healdsburg; there is a cup cake shop that you are not going to want to miss! I promise you.





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