Point Lobos, CA


   It was my Mom’s birthday; she had the whole day planned out weeks in advance. She had put together a day down in Carmel, Ca with the family and friends. The day included a picnic lunch, a nice hike through Point Lobos National Park, a walk on Carmel’s beaches and then to end the day, a casual dinner to enjoy and reflex on the day.

   The day could not have been any more pristine, it was cool and the coast was blanked by a blanket of clouds, perfect weather for layers. The park was said to be full but you could hardly tell; the spots to hike were spread out enough that you never truly felt like you were crowded. We drove till we could find a parking spot, which just happened to be the very end to the road, which was perfect because it had the best spot to set up for our picnic. We threw out the picnic blanket and put together some hardy looking sandwiches before starting on our hikes.


   After lunch we packed up our leftovers, we headed out on the trails to check out what we could find. Our first stop was a look out of China beach, unfortunately it was closed so we were unable to walk down to it, but the view from above was till breath taking with the crystal blue water and rugged cliffs cascading into the water below. Further down the trail was another beach, which was desert for a short time, the water here was equally as captivating as the last spot. Just up the beach on the cliffs, hid these houses that you only get to dream what a life like that would be like, but dream we all did as we stood there gazing out across the water.

   We continued down to the path down to these rocks that were lined with Brandt’s Cormorant and Gulls and their babies, the smell was all that pleasant but it was still interesting to see. Heading up the trail again, we made a detour down the deserted beach, which was unfortunately no longer deserted. We spent a good part of the day down there escaping the waves, walking the beach and just admiring the beauty around us.

   When we got back to the cars we headed out back to Carmel to the beach next to Pebble Beach, I had never been, so I was very excited. FYI - parking here is like finding a needle in a hay stack, so good luck. The beach was beautiful though and the houses that surrounded it matched the beauty they surrounded them. Once again it is hard to go to a beach around here and not just take a stole, so we all walked the beach meeting and greeting with all the local dogs and their owners along the beach. The beach was full but you never felt like you were on the Boardwalk; there were kids laughing, dogs running, and surfers watching some waves, all friendly and inviting surroundings to find on a Saturday afternoon.

The day was well spent with great views and even better company. A planned birthday by my mother was well executed and I only wish that she enjoyed it as much as I did.
Happy Birthday Mom
Love yea Always




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