Living in California definitely has its pecks sometimes and one of them just happens to be being able to go to San Francisco all the time and hitting the beach quite a lot as well. Here are some of may favorite pictures from this year from my adventures out to the coast.
  • The first one all the way to the right is from my week spent in San Francisco. I got so many great shots that week but this always catches my eye. It was my morning walk through Pier 1, enjoying the smells of fresh brewed coffee and the bustling sound of people running off to work.  
  • The top picture was from a recent trip down to Carmel. The weather was amazing and the surf was good that day as well and I was lucky enough to get these two guys heading out - just a good caught in the moment shot, which I love!
  • The last one, I am sure you all know is the Golden Gate Bridge and once again it is pretty hard to get a bad picture of the Golden Gate Bridge but this one I love because it has the iconic fog rolling in and sitting on the top of the bridge with the crystal blue water right underneath; but like I said its hard to get a bad picture of the Golden Gate Bridge. 


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