I am starting something new to showcase some of my favorite pictures that I post on Intagram. I really enjoy the ability to share photos on a social network and getting to explore and find others that share your passion. For me this is just another way for me to share my passion for photography and sort through my collection of pictures to pick my over all favorites.
  • The first box is one of my favorite pictures that I have taken of the Golden Gate Bridge. It is pretty hard to get a bad picture, but this was my first time driving across that Golden Gate to the northern side and I was not disappointed with the amazing view.
  • The second picture is a picture from my exertion in San Francisco during Spring Break. I was coming up the Embarcadero and the day had brought some unexpected rain. As I was waiting to cross the street to dry off back at the Hotel, I caught this amazing view looking up one of the streets off the Embarcadero.
  •  The bottom left picture, is a picture of a trip down to Capitola one weekend with a good friend. Our intensions were to do a little surfing but with the help of a friendly distraction we ended up finding a perfect place to just sitting on a ledge near the O'Neill shop  and watch some locals surf. 
  • The last picture is a picture that was taken recently. It was after a long few days spent with friends and family at a wedding and affect so much activity, it was a blessing to just be able to catch up with my two close friends and take a drive. An extra added bonus was being able to catch this amazing sunset.  
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