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They say true long lasting friendship is like finding barried treasure. I must have found the jackpoct because these girls are truly a treasured gem in my life. And funny enough, some of us only really go back to freshmen year of high school, and even then we hardly hung out in the same groups. Something happened, something special because ever since I moved out of town, these two stayed by my side when no one else did! Leaving my old school seemed to have weeded out a lot things I didn't need in my life at that time, and planted new growth in place of it. 
After leaving my old high school my freshmen year, we stayed in touch, hung out when we could and made sure we were there for each others birthdays and what nots. And we understood that even though we didn't get to see each other every day, we knew that no matter what we wee always there when we needed one another. And I loved that we never suffocated each other, we lived our lives separately but when together, it was like nothing changed! I don't know how we have made it work, but I would say we have a good thing going, and cherish every time we get the chance to hang out. 
Know that we are all on our own journeys in life, getting together has become more difficult; with school, work, and boy friends seeing each may be few and far between. But the beauty of the three of us is that we understand that life gets busy and sometimes we can't change that, it doesn't mean that we have forgotten about each other, it just means "life happens." 
So this photoshoot was more then just a photoshoot of these two beautiful girls, this was a chance to be with one another, to be goofy, and catch up, enjoying each others company and stories. This girls will forever be in my life, no matter where our journey takes us, our souls will be tired to one another forever. 


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