Taking over San Francisco

I had a chance of a lifetime this week that I just couldn't pass up! I was blessed enough to go into the city for a week and explore, finding some of the hidden gems of San Fran and live like a local. On top of that I saw the perfect oppurtunity to get tons of pictures to document where and what I was able to do by foot through the city. 
From sunrise to sunset I was out, rain or shine... and there was a fare share of rain that I got caught in, I was out seeing some new and some old things. My goal really was to just be out, get pictures, and live life as if you lived there. I was able to stay right across from Pier 1 with an amazing view of the bay bridge from our room. You could literally lay in bed and see the lights change on the bridge, it was beautiful! Being so close to the pier was a perfect start to my mornings; I would go down get my morning cup of coffee and something for breakfast and then head off to my adventure that day. 
While I was there, I was able to explore probably all of Russian Hill; including Tellegraph hill, Lombard st., some of the few houses that survived the earthquake of 1906, Polk st., then down to the Fishermans Wharf. Another day was spent exploring museums and the exploratorium, a perfect way to stay out of the rain. On my last day in the city I was able to catch up with a friend who works in the city, we went to see the painted ladies-something he had never seen before-then we left San Fran and drove into San Jose to visit the Winchester house, supposedly it is haughnted... But I saw no Casper while I was there. Over all the trip was priceless; from the exploring to the amazing food and gorgeous weather, I don't think I would have changed a thing about my time spent as a "what-if" local. 


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