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From the get go I have had a gut feeling that 2014 was going to be better then any other year. Why? I am not sure. It could be because fourteen is my lucky number,  so I am hoping that 2014 is going to be some what of a change from years before, but I feel like there is something more to it then just luck. I don't know what it is, but this year is not going to slip past me like last year did. With the help of some friends, we are determined to expand our horizons, taking charge and accomplishing things; maybe things unfinished from last year or new things for this year. One of my top priorities for this year has been to travel more! Doesn't even have to be around the world, I'll I want is to be outside and exploring, where ever the wind takes me. And here is some great news! I already have done a little traveling this year, so I guess you could say I am off to a good start.
Well, another thing I told my self that I was going to do this year was to try new things. With a friend stepping up her game on her blog, I have kinda of challenged my self to do the same. I have not been very good at keeping up with it, but that is going to change this year. Since things are changing, I am changing and doing something that it out side my box. My plan is to start posting outfits that I wear during the week. Now I am not a huge fan of taking pictures of my self, but I am pushing my self to go out side my box and try something new. 
Today starts the first post of my outfit of the day and here's to hoping that there are many more to come. 


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