When you are a college student, short on cash and limited on choices; it is easy to sometimes feel like you have hit a road block on cute outfit choices. You suddenly catch your self thinking, wow out of all of this, I can't find a single thing to wear! Trust me, been there, and taking everything out if your drawers and closet is not going to solve anything, it's just going to leave your room a huge disaster! 

However, I have find that on days I am late and making a mad dash out the door, I can some how pull together a pretty descent. Why is this...we'll I would like to think its because I am just that good, but let's face it, that's definitely not the case. No, I think it's because I do really have time to think if it looks good, does it match, or does this make since. Sometimes I try so hard for outfits to make since, I miss the a perfect oppurtunity to think outside the box and try something new. 

Below I have two different outfits, both have the same skirt but I switched things up with adding patterns and textures. Two things that can sometimes be a daunting task to take on, but I welcome It with open arms. I encourage you to think outside the box, try something that you think might look crazy together and see where it takes you. I am not saying it's going to work 100% of the time, but I hope it opens your mind to new and other creative combinations. So the next time you look in your closet and your thinking you have nothing to wear...think again! You have a closet with endless possibilities. 


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