Let it rain

When you come right down to it, we can all admit that sunny California has long been holding out on the rain. I don't know if it didn't bet the memo or what but it seems that CA has somehow lost its marbles. Fortunately the memo has been received and the flood gates are open...okay so no flooding I occurring but there are definitely puddles. 
If I can be honest, I have missed the rain. So when I heard that it was suppose to rain over the night, I couldn't hep crack open my window to hear the soft droplets on my window. The sound of the rain almost left like it had been forgotten, like a lost language and the smell caught me off guard. Waking up, I was not surprised to see the reflection of the stormy weather as I drove past the puddles on the side of the road. We had gotten a lot of rain over the night and it looks like there should be more on the way. 
With this cool, wet weather I was inspired to go blue. Wearing a new plaid shirt and a simple white lace shirts and dark blue jeans. Simplicity is what I like to go for usually, and on cold days like these a nice sweater does the perfect job at keeping me warm. 


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