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For many vinyls are a thing of the past, just another thing to put in the history books and a funny story to tell your kids that would probably start like - "Back in the day..." Over the years vinyl records were just that, just another antique put on the shelves, collecting dust. I would like to think that vinyl is slowly making a come back it to peoples hearts. For some it was never lost to begin with, because after listening to the raw, purity of a vinyl record, you are taken back and captured by its beauty. 

When listening to music, I sometimes feel like I was born in the wrong generation. However, If I was to pick the generation I would go back to, I am not sure I would make since in any of them but the one I am in now. Looking through my playlist, you might think I have an broad taste in music, which I like to think I do as well. I listen to artist like Ray Charles and Elton John to Adele and Amy Winehouse , Bruce Springsteen and AC/DC to Paul McCartney and Sting, from Bon Iver and  Matthew Mayfield to The Maine and Artic Monkeys, and Vampire weekend and Group Love to AER and Chiddy Bang. The lists go on and on, I cant say that I really have a taste in music that I do not appreciate, as long as I can understand what they are saying and the song is not defiling then I will listen to it. 

Being born in the generation that I am in today, has given me the opportunity to appreciate thousands of different artist that I might not have know if I was born in a different time. I am forever great full for that; and with technology these days, we are blessed to have music at our finger tips. We can plug into Pandora and listen to a playlist created just by the name of an artist or we can go to Spotify and get lost in the files of artist, discovering the undiscovered. The possibilities almost seem endless.  

Thanks to Indie and many other artist who share the same passion and appreciate for music and the framework of music, some are bring back the art of vinyl records. Artist like Coldplay, Justin Timberlake, Artic Monkey, Lana Del Rey, and The Black Keys are recording and selling their music on vinyls. For a generation not from vinyl records, discovering the natural and genuine sound that comes from a vinyl record is remarkable. Now i am not saying that we are going to start seeing vinyl records in stores across the country. No... but what I can tell you is that vinyls are not being forgotten. They are being brought down from the top shelf, dusted off, and getting another chase to relive their glory days. For people who can really admire the authentic sound of a record can tell you, there is nothing quite like listening to a vinyl record. 


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