The Other Side of Paradise

The Other Side of Paradise 

Its been more than ten years since I have been to Hawaii, ten long years at that. With an early flight, my bags were packed just hours before we arrived at the airport - to be honest, I never really liked the whole pre-packing thing- 5am, that was when our flight was scheduled to leave from Oakland. The airport was still fairly quite when we arrived with only a few locals looking for their terminal. We went through the TSA check and I quickly made my way over the the Starbucks around the corner, it was early and if I was going to make it through the rest of today, I was going to need some coffee. Arriving at our terminal, we waited for you plain to be boarded, it was only a few minutes before we were all in our seats ready for take off. Taking my last look out the window, I buckled my seat belt, already wishing that I was really unbuckling it and getting off at Kauai, HA, The Garden Island.

 This was my first time going to The Garden Island, but it was a first forever one on our trip. Arriving on Kauai was like arriving at Disneyland for the first time, I felt six years old all over again. I had been waiting for this trip for over six months and know that we had landed I felt the need that I would never want to leave, like I had found my home. This sudden feeling of joy and contentment fell over me but quickly felt because people were getting off the plane and I was done being stuck in that contraption. I was ready for the other side of paradise.


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