Prom Night

Black Tie Affair

We all can remember our Senior Prom, whether it was good, bad, or just straight up ugly we all can look back and laugh at how ridiculous we looked and the fun that was had through out the night. Looking back, us girls can remember all that time we all spent getting our hair done, doing our make up and making sure the dress fit just right. And for those boys, did they have it easy! They had the luxury of getting ready five minutes before and hoping that their mom's remembered to grab their corsage and the tickets.   

 I was so happy that I was able to capture and be part of many of my best friends Prom. For some this really was going to be their last Prom and for others, they still have one more year. It was great to see all my friends who were still in high school again and being able send them on their way to a night of fun. 


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