Day at the Zoo

Sacramento Zoo

A summer Bucket List, was written way back during my sophomore year when my best friend and I were sitting in yearbook anxiously waiting for the bell to ring. One of our must TODOs that we wrote down was going to a zoo together. It didn't really matter what one, just as long as we got to see lions, tigers, and bears!

Unfortunately, this so called easy trip of ours turned out to be darn near impossible and took almost two years to accomplish. So after a car that broke down the first go around, and finally finding a day that was available we hit the road to Sacramento to finally park another thing off our bucket list! 

The trip was a total success, we were able to see monkeys, giraffes and even a baby tiger. And after we finished strolling through the zoo it just so happened to be lunch time, so we headed back to the car and rolled into downtown Sacramento looking for a place to grab a bit to eat. We found this great little, well not so little place on the corner called Crepeville. The place was buzzing with people outside and when we got inside, it was no different. We quickly swooped on a table inside and then placed our order. not only was the food amazing but so was the company. My friend and I had a chance to really just sit and talk, something that we just had not done in a while. We were there for a good hour or so before we realized that we needed to go back to reality. 

That day was so amazing and I am so grateful that I got to spend it with my best friend before she left and went off to college. And until next time, we will have to see what other great adventures come our way. 


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