RoAd TriP

Sacramento, CA

Sacramento,Our state capitol that is loaded with history, restaurants  and vintage finds. Where can you go wrong? 

Well this was exactly what my friend and I thought. So what do we do... we scout out or stops and hit the road. Coffee in one hand and for some reason a map in the other... I think whats a road trip with out getting lost at least once. 

Our first stop was a thrift store off E Street. We also stumbled across one of our best finds of the day a Thrift store, right down the street from our first store.   

Here I found a floral dress that I was able to make into something new. My friend found an awesome owl for her apartment and some other awesome finds. 

 After grabbing a bite to eat at Hamburger Patties we rolled up to our last spot of the day. CUFFS. This had to have been my favorite spot of the day. Cuffs was a collection of old and new and a style that was different then all the others. Around every twist and turn my eye was drawn to something new. I couldn't help but purchase a cute shirt that would go perfectly with some high wasted shorts and a turquoise ring to accessorize with. 

A Shot or two between the Action. 

-Style at its finest- 


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