Healdsburg Cupcakes - You haven't had a cup cake till you have had Healdsburg's Craft Cupcakes

HealdsBurg, Ca

This place is unknown to many but to my family and I this place is our hidding place. My Mother and Father were raised in this area and are locals. So when we came up for a a little get away, we had to make a stop in the up coming town of Healdsburg. This little getaway is just north of Petaluma and is perfect for a some great food and a stroll though the park.   

Something that can not be missed when coming to HealdsBurg is HealdsBurg's Craft CupCakes. If you think you have had the best cupcake ever... well let me tell you that you are mistaken because you have not had a real cup cake until you have tried these bad boys. As your eyes wonder their trays of goodness you will start to loose your self. However, the choice has to be made and to complement your cupcake, a warm glass of their craft coffee is a perfect little treat during the day.      



This all organic and home grown restaurant/shop was the perfect surprise stepping off the main strip in Healdsburg. With planters and seating set up outside, you walk into a bright and open floor plan. 

Right in the front you can order your morning cup of coffee and a few steps back you can walk up to the counter of their little cafe. The room is filled with their aroma of their home made pizzas and sandwiches. 

Just as you get ready to make your way to the front, you get easily distracted by their beautiful display of roses. Even though they look used there is something that draws you in to their beauty. But we have to enter back into reality and find our next adventure.


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