Fathers Day

 Happy Father's Day :

On any other weekend this might look like a normal family, and when i say normal I mean anything but normal family going up to Kennedy Meadows to go fishing. However, that day was special because that day was my Dad's Day. It was Fathers's Day, a day made just for fathers like mine. so today was for him, a day spent with his favorite ladies, doing one of his favorite things, fishing. I guess the only other thing that would have topped this was if he actually caught more fish then the girls... but hey, we can let him think he is the best fisher man around, either way, he will always be my Buckaroo. 

When it comes down to it, there is nothing
I love more then spending time with my family.
Sure they can drive me up the wall but to me,
its all memories and it's those memories 
that I will cherish forever. 

Here I think we have the first fish my dad caught that day, 
unfortunately this was also the first fish he let get away... 
I guess it is always true that some time you have
to learn when to let go... 

Another Father's Day has gone and past and I only hope for many more to come. 

Love you Dad and Happy Father's Day
Yours Truly, 
Your Buckaroo  


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