East Coast Getaway


It has been little over a year for me since my Mom, Aunt, and I went to the East Coast- hitting up the streets of Rhode Island and Boston. There were so many things about this trip that I will never forget. Like the first time I heard "feel like weather," the first time being in the Atlantic ocean, and the first time I wanted to not feel, feel like weather!

From getting on the plane in California, to arriving on the tarmac in Rhode Island there was nothing but pure excitement! During the week my mother had to go off to work, leaving my Aunt and I to adventure out and explore!We found ourselves in Plymouth,MA with the first settlers and the Natives and then off to Newport were we found Mansions - In Newport there are the Breakers house's, these houses sit right on the edge of the Atlantic  with breathtaking few and amazing architecture,each one completely different then the other, and each with its own story.

Of course what would a trip to MA be with out hitting up Samuel Adams, well personally I could have done with out it but I will say from all the drunk FRAT boys that had been hoping off the trolley, the tour was "totally AWESOME!" After the morning buzz a trip to Boston was much needed, and this time my mom was able to come along. We took a nice trolley ride around Boston, which we were going to take tomorrow, hitting all the historical spots that the trolley dropped you off at. We were able to see MIT and Harvard - I think I am more of the MIT type... to many polo's and loafers for my liking at Harvard. Then we got to see the Brown Stones, Old State  House, Trinity Church, Boston Common, and so much more. 

The crazy thing is that was just Boston, since we stayed in Rhode Island, we also were able to make our way into Providence and check out Brown University and Water Fire, which I highly recommend doing... just not when your single and with your Mom and Aunt.  Romantic - yes, so I suggest, if you and your significant other are looking for super cute and romantic gush, this is the place for you! 

No matter were you are going, whether it is around the corner or on the other side of the country, you have to eat! Oh let me tell you, we ate like there was no tomorrow. We found some of the best places too, we had spaghetti with meatballs the size of softballs, gyro's - which was a first for me and am now totally hooked. I have to say that  out of this whole trip the food was in a way the icing on the cake. Ever day we had one amazing meal after the next and the best mom and pop shops and being a huge fan of food, there isn't a whole lot more I could have asked for really make this trip  unforgettable.

I just hope that in time I will be able to get myself back out there, going off on new trails and finding new things, but until next time I will just have to kick back and enjoy all the sweet memories that were made.  


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